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Intensive CDPSE training with ISACA-accredited trainers
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What will you learn?

  • 9Privacy governance (governance, management and risk management)
  • 9Privacy architecture (infrastructure, applications and software, technical privacy controls)
  • 9Data cycle (data purpose and data persistence)


  • 3 course days
  • 30 hours of self-study
  • ROne CPE credit per hour (including self-study)

CDPSE Preparation Course – Intensive CDPSE training with ISACA-accredited trainers

Our CDPSE Preparation Course will help you master the skills you need to pass the ISACA Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer exam. The course covers all domains of the CDPSE certification exam (Privacy Governance, Privacy Architecture and Data Lifecycle). To fully prepare you for your certification exam and future career, the course will challenge you to practice exam-style questions and apply your knowledge in practical contexts.

The CDPSE Preparation Course consists of four course days, combining theory with practical case study exercises and practice exam questions. The first three days are dedicated to extensive coverage of the CDPSE exam domains. On the fourth day, you will complete a CDPSE mock exam and discuss your answers with the group. This will help you familiarise yourself with the exam format, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and improve your exam technique. After completing the course, you will be fully prepared to take your ISACA CDPSE certification exam.

Prerequisites for this CDPSE Preparation Course

To take our CDPSE Preparation Course, you need to have a basic understanding of information security management. Not so familiar with information security management principles yet? We recommend you to take our Information Security Foundation course first. Designed for beginners, this two-day course will quickly equip you with the knowledge you need to participate in CDPSE.

CDPSE is an advanced, specialised privacy certification. To make the most of our CDPSE Preparation Course, you should have a good understanding of the EU GDPR. Unsure if you are familiar enough with the GDPR? Check out our Data Protection Foundation course. Designed for beginners, this Foundation course will help you understand the GDPR through practical examples and real-life scenario exercises.

CDPSE is focused on the technical side of privacy and security. To succeed in this course, you should have a basic understanding of IT security. If you are unsure about your skills in this area, take two days to complete our IT-Security Foundation course.

Is this CDPSE Preparation Course for you?

This CDPSE Preparation Course is ideal for privacy and security professionals aspiring to become competent privacy technologists who can build, implement and assess comprehensive technical data privacy solutions. We also recommend this course to privacy officers and data protection officers who wish to develop the technical knowledge necessary to effectively communicate with technical security professionals and evaluate technical privacy controls.

Job roles in which CDPSE is considered an asset:

  • Information security, IT security & privacy consultants
  • Data analysts and data scientists
  • Domain architects (legal care/compliance/privacy)
  • IS engineers (user data protection)
  • IT project managers
  • Privacy managers
  • Data protection & privacy analysts/engineers
  • Privacy architects
  • Software engineers

What is included in this CDPSE Preparation Course?

  • Official ISACA CDPSE® course materials
  • Additional course materials (slides, use cases, practice exam questions)
  • Practice exam, evaluation and discussion on the last day
  • A delicious lunch (if you take the course on-site)

CDPSE Preparation Course Modules


Module 1: Privacy Governance

Section A: Governance

  • Module 1: Personal Data and Information
  • Module 2: Privacy Laws and Standards Across Jurisdictions
  • Module 3: Privacy Documentation (Policies, Guidelines and more)
  • Module 4: Legal Purpose, Consent, and Legitimate Interest
  • Module 5: Data Subject Rights

Section B: Management

  • Module 1: Roles and Responsibilities Related to Data
  • Module 2: Privacy Training and Awareness
  • Module 3: Vendor and Third-Party Management
  • Module 4: Audit Process
  • Module 5: Privacy Incident Management

Section C: Risk Management

  • Module 1: Risk Management Process
  • Module 2: Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • Module 3: Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities Related to Privacy

Module 2: Privacy Architecture

Section A: Infrastructure

  • Module 1: Technology Stacks
  • Module 2: Cloud-based Services
  • Module 3: Endpoints
  • Module 4: Remote Access
  • Module 5: System Hardening

Section B: Applications and Software

  • Module 1: Secure Development Lifecycle (e.g., Privacy by Design)
  • Module 2: Applications and Software Hardening
  • Module 3: APIs and Services
  • Module 4: Tracking Technologies

Section C: Technical Privacy Controls

  • Module 1: Communication and Transport Protocols
  • Module 2: Encryption, Hashing and De-identification
  • Module 3: Key Management
  • Module 4: Monitoring and Logging
  • Module 5: Identity and Access Management

Module 3: Data Cycle

Section A: Data Purpose

  • Module 1: Data Inventory and Classification (e.g., Tagging, Tracking, SOR)
  • Module 2: Data Quality and Accuracy
  • Module 3: Dataflow and Usage Diagrams
  • Module 4: Data Use Limitation
  • Module 5: Data Analytics (e.g., Aggregation, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data)

Section B: Data Persistence

  • Module 1: Data Minimisation (e.g., De-identification, Anonymisation)
  • Module 2: Data Migration
  • Module 3: Data Storage
  • Module 4: Data Warehousing (e.g., Data Lake)
  • Module 5: Data Retention and Archiving
  • Module 6: Data Destruction

    Practice Exam

    On the last course day, you will take an extensive practice exam. This will help you familiarise yourself with the exam format, identify your strenghts and weaknesses, and improve your exam technique. The practice exam session is followed by evaluation and interactive discussion. This will give you the opportunity to assess how ready you are to take your official ISACA CDPSE certification exam and what potential knowledge gaps you may need to fill to excel at your exam.

    ISACA CDPSE Certification Exam

    The CDPSE® certification exam is conducted by ISACA® and is not included in this course. You need to schedule your exam directly with ISACA®. Upon registration, you will have a 12-month eligibility period to take your exam (including second attempts). Upon successful completion of the CDPSE exam, you can apply for your ISACA CDPSE® certification title. Note that in addition to passing the exam, you need to have at least three years of experience in data privacy governance, privacy architecture and/or data lifecycle work to earn your ISACA CDPSE® certificate.

    The CDPSE exam requires in-depth theoretical knowledge. In addition to attending the training, you will need to invest a good portion of your time in self-study to excel at your exam. The recommended self-study time is a minimum. You may need significantly more self-study time depending on your personal situation.

    Exam information:

    • 3,5 hours (210 minutes)
    • 120 multiple-choice questions

    Authors & Lead Trainers

    Dr. Rob van der Staaij
    IAM & IT-Infrastructure specialist

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