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What will you learn?

  • 9You will gain a deep understanding of the four main domains of emerging technologies:
  • 9Cloud
  • 9OIT
  • 9Blockchain
  • 9Artificial Intelligence


  • 5 course days
  • 40-60 hours of self-study
  • ROne CPE credit per hour (including self-study)

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CET® Preparation Course –

The CET (Certified in Emerging Technologies) course provides insight into important emerging technologies.

This course gives you knowledge of the 4 CET domains: Cloud, Blockchain, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, you can take an exam and certify yourself for the international ISACA CET title.

The ISACA® CET Certified in Emerging Technology certification is about the knowledge and ability to comprehend emerging technologies. Four individual certificates in four domains are required to obtain the CET certification. Each certificate is valuable on its own, but together they confirm both the depth and breadth of your knowledge, skills, and professional drive.

The CET course consists of five classroom course days. Each domain is extensively covered, allowing you ample time to master the material.

The Security Academy is an Accredited ISACA Training Partner, which means you will get access to official ISACA CET® courseware.

Is this CET Preparation Course for you?

The CET® Preparation Course is intended for participants who are tasked with or responsible for implementing and ensuring security management in the organization.

  • You are an information security professional, security officer, or manager seeking a fundamental understanding of emerging technologies.

  • You are an IT professional looking to update and enhance your IT knowledge and skills specifically in the areas of emerging technologies.

  • You are new to IT and want to distinguish yourself from others by building knowledge in Cloud, Blockchain, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Prerequisites to joining this CET Preparation Course

Basic IT knowledge is recommended; please feel free to contact us if you are wondering whether you are at the appropriate level. The level of this course is vocational education/higher professional education.

What is included in this CET Preparation Course?

Before the training starts, you will receive your official ISACA CET® courseware through our student portal. The course materials are in English.

Your CET training package includes:

  • Official ISACA CET® courseware
  • Practice exam

CET Preparation Course Modules


For each domain, a separate exam is required. To obtain the CET title, you must successfully complete all four domains:

Module 1 – Cloud Fundamentals Covers several critical cloud principles, such as:

  • Cloud computing concepts
  • Cloud computing models
  • Cloud governance, vendor selection, and management
  • Cloud service support Learning objectives range from understanding cloud technology and its benefits to identifying cloud implementation considerations and risks. Topics also include different cloud deployment models and services, as well as governance and management of cloud solutions.

Module 2 – Internet of Things Fundamentals Covers topics like:

  • IoT technologies
  • IoT design
  • IoT architecture and applications Learning objectives include understanding IoT usage and technologies, describing applications in various domains such as healthcare, environment, and physical security. Topics also include middleware, connectivity protocols, chipsets, and cybersecurity in IoT.

Module 3 – Blockchain Fundamentals Covers topics such as:

  • Blockchain principles
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain models
  • Blockchain IT infrastructure and business use cases and considerations Learning objectives encompass understanding the history of blockchain, the difference between distributed ledger technology and blockchain, encryption techniques in blockchain, various consensus methodologies, cryptocurrencies, blockchain infrastructures, and business applications of blockchain.

Module 4 – Incident Management The course covers topics such as:

  • AI concepts
  • Expert systems and machine learning models
  • Algorithms
  • AI implementation Learning objectives include understanding the fundamentals of AI, identifying AI features, and resource requirements for implementing AI. It also explains expert systems and machine learning models, various machine learning algorithms and their applications. The course also covers the use of AI in enterprises and consumer applications, along with risks and ethical considerations related to AI.

Practice Exam The final day of the course concludes with comprehensive English practice exams, allowing you to assess your readiness for the official exams.”

ISACA CET® Certification Exam

The 4 CET® exams are administered by ISACA® and are not included in the course. It is also possible to take the exams online.

As we are an Accredited Training Partner, you can purchase an ISACA® exam voucher from us.

When you register for an exam, you have one year to successfully complete the exam. During that year, you must also take any retests if necessary. The minimum time between two consecutive exam attempts is set at 48 hours.

Upon successfully completing the four different CET® exams, you can apply for your CET® title through ISACA®.

The various CET® exams are theoretical exams that require a substantial amount of factual knowledge. This means that a significant amount of time must be dedicated to exam preparation after the course. The mentioned amount of self-study for exam preparation is a minimum. The actual workload may be higher and varies greatly from person to person.

You can find more information about exams on our exam page.

Authors & Lead Trainers

Dr. Rob van der Staaij
IAM & IT-Infrastructure specialist

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