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What will you learn?

  • 9In-depth understanding of identifying, assessing, and managing IT risks;
  • 9Skills for real-world implementation of IT risk strategies;
  • 9Focused training for the CRISC® certification exam;
  • 9Knowledge to align IT strategies with business goals and manage risks;


  • 5 course days
  • 40-60 hours of self-study
  • ROne CPE credit per hour (including self-study)

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CRISC® Preparation Course – Intensive CRISC training

Our CRISC® (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control) course is a specialized training program designed for professionals in IT risk management. It provides comprehensive knowledge and skills in identifying, assessing, managing, and mitigating risks associated with information systems. The course is structured around four key modules, covering governance, risk assessment, risk response and reporting, and IT security. Participants are prepared for the CRISC® certification exam, gaining insights into practical application and IT governance. This course is ideal for those looking to enhance their expertise in IT risk management and achieve CRISC® certification.

The Security Academy is an Accredited ISACA Training Partner, which means you will get access to official ISACA CRISC® courseware.

Completing this unique CRISC Preparation Course, you will gain in-depth understanding of the ISACA CRISC domains (Governance, IT Risk Assessment, Risk Response and Reporting and Information Technology and Security). At the same time, you will benefit from the guidance of real-world (cyber) security management experts who are up to date with current practices that will help you excel at your CRISC certification exam.

Is this CRISC Preparation Course for you?

The CRISC® course is designed for professionals who play a role in managing and mitigating IT-related risks in an organization. This includes IT professionals focused on risk management, project managers overseeing IT projects, compliance professionals, security officers and managers, and anyone tasked with implementing and maintaining information systems risk management and control strategies. The course is also beneficial for individuals aiming to enhance their career prospects in IT risk management and those seeking CRISC® certification. 

Prerequisites to joining this CRISC Preparation Course

This CRISC Preparation Course is designed to prepare you for the ISACA CRISC certification exam. To make the most of the training, you need to have a good understanding of fundamental information security management and technical IT security principles.

Are you new to information security management? Or would you just feel more comfortable taking an entry-level information security management training before moving on to CRISC? Learn all the essentials in three days in our  Information Security Foundation course.

Unsure if you know enough of IT security to follow CIRISC®? Take three days to cover the basics in our IT Security Foundation course.

What is included in this CRISC Preparation Course?

Before the training starts, you will receive your official ISACA CRISC® courseware through our student portal. The course materials are in English. The language of instruction is either English or Dutch, depending on the participants..

Your CRISC training package includes:

  • Official ISACA CRISC® courseware
  • Additional course materials (slides, use cases, exam questions)
  • Expert trainer who is active in security risk management and incident management
  • Practice exam, evaluation and discussion on the last day

CRISC Preparation Course Modules

Module 1 – Governance:

The focus of this module is on how IT risks can affect the organization’s business assets and objectives, the allocation of roles and responsibilities, and the establishment of risk management policies.

Module 2 – IT Risk Assessment:

This module focuses on identifying and analyzing risks, developing risk scenarios, and setting up a risk register.

Module 3 – Risk Response and Reporting:

The focus here is on assigning risk ownership, selecting the right options to address risks, and monitoring risks and the effectiveness of measures.

Module 4 – Information Technology and Security:

This module concentrates on architecture, IT technology, security measures, awareness programs, and privacy.

Practice Exam

On your last course day, you will take an extensive CRISC practice exam, so that you can judge for yourself to what extent you are ready for the official ISACA CRISC certification exam and to which domains you should pay more attention. After taking the practice exam, you will have the opportunity to discuss answers or potential issues with your trainer and the group.

ISACA CRISC® Certification Exam

Because we are an Accredited Training Partner, you can purchase an ISACA® exam voucher from us for €595 ex VAT. Would you rather arrange this yourself through ISACA®? You can do so via the ISACA® website. In this case the exam fee is $575 for ISACA® members and $760 for non-ISACA® members.

When you register for an exam, you are given one year to successfully complete the exam. Any possible retakes have to be done during this year as well. The time between two consecutive exam attempts is set at a minimum of 48 hours.

Upon successful completion of the CRISC exam, you can apply for your ISACA CRISC certification title. Note that in addition to passing the exam, you need to have enough working experience in cybersecurity to earn your ISACA CRISC certificate (experience waivers are available for a maximum of two years).

The CRISC exam requires in-depth theoretical knowledge. As an information security manager, you must understand all the domains covered – not just to pass your exam, but also to bring value to your organisation’s information security. In addition to attending this (or any other) CRISC exam training, you will need to invest a good portion of your time in self-study to excel at your exam and your career in information security management. The recommended self-study time is a minimum. You may need significantly more self-study time depending on your personal situation.

Authors & Lead Trainers

Dr. Rob van der Staaij
IAM & IT-Infrastructure specialist

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