Cyber Defense Career Track

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Dark Web Career Track


After the Dark Web Foundation course you will be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of the technology behind the dark web and the ability to find hidden sites and services using Tor. Furthermore will you grasp the business dynamics of Dark Markets, and gain insight into Dark Web investigations through real-world incidents. Finally, you will get a thorough grounding in Bitcoin transactions, Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin laundering. The course draws on the practical experience of high-level cybersecurity experts and Dark Web researchers.

The Dark Web Practitioner course is a continuation of the Foundation course and takes you on a more advanced dive into the secrets of the Dark Web. After taking this course you will be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge of the Dark Web, as well as the ability to setup your own hidden service and to investigate sites and blokchains.

Dark Web

Comprehensive and practical introduction to the Dark Web, including certification exam.


Dark Web

Comprehensive and practical dive into the Dark Web technologies, such as TOR and I2P.