Dr. Rob van der Staaij

Dr. Rob van der Staaij

IAM & IT-Infrastructure specialist

Dr. Rob van der Staaij is founder of Stysec B.V. In that capacity, he advises on cybersecurity and identity & access management and related topics such as risk management, compliance and privacy. He has over twenty years of experience in numerous organizations and sectors. Rob is also affiliated with the University of Groningen, Faculty of Law, Department of Criminal Law and Criminology where he focuses on cybercrime and cybersecurity. He gives presentations at international conferences and has published dozens of articles and several books.

Rob is analytical with extensive knowledge of cybersecurity. He sees it as a challenge to explain complex topics in clear and simple language.

In today’s world, where everything and everyone is digitally connected, cybersecurity is of the utmost importance. People and organizations must be able to protect themselves from the growing number of cybercriminals whose tactics and techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The knowledge that Rob (and the Security Academy) passes on is exactly what organizations need to arm themselves against cybercrime.

Rob has a structured personality and this is reflected in his training sessions. He likes to start on time (even after breaks) and he expects trainees to focus their attention on him and the content of the training. He encourages interaction and discussion and he appreciates it when students actively participate in this.

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